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1.5 To 3kg Weight Green Cabbage

1.5 To 3kg Weight Green Cabbage

1.5 to 3kg weight green cabbage are delivered to cold storage after picked,and are supplied to the surrounding markets of China at the fastest speed through refrigerated transportation.Keywords:1.5 To 3kg Weight Green Cabbage, China, Wholesale, Suppliers, Buy, In Stock, Pricelist, Quotation, Bulk, Cheap, Discount, Low Price, Price

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Product Description

Cheap Discount 1.5 To 3kg Weight Green Cabbage Pricelist

1. Product Introduction of 1.5 To 3kg Weight Green Cabbage

1.5 to 3kg weight green cabbage, rich in vitamins and trace elements, are packaged from new crop and shipped to the cold storage within an hour.

2. Product Parameter (Specification) of 1.5 To 3kg Weight Green Cabbage

Supply time Product style Weight of each Place of Origin
All year round fresh 1.5~3 kg China
shape package Customized logo Storage condition
Round Carton or net bags available 0~1 ºC

3. Product Feature and Application of 1.5 To 3kg Weight Green Cabbage

Grown from high-quality selected seeds, our green fresh cabbage grown in our own plantations, organic and healthy, each one has been strictly inspected by us, in order to ensure your food safety.They are the best choice for your supermarket and dining table.

4. Product Details of 1.5 To 3kg Weight Green Cabbage

Our green cabbage each weighs 1.5 to 3 kg.Usually 6 or 8 cabbages packaged in a carton.

1.5 To 3kg Weight Green Cabbage

5. Product Qualification of 1.5 To 3kg Weight Green Cabbage

From choosing seeds, planting, irrigating, harvesting, rough processing, packaging, and cold storage, we supervise the whole process to ensure the safety of vegetables.

6. Deliver,Shipping and Serving of 1.5 To 3kg Weight Green Cabbage

Our 1.5 To 3kg Weight Green Cabbages are packed by cartons or net bags,then delivered to your country and city in the shortest time.

1.5 To 3kg Weight Green Cabbage

7. FAQ

Q:What kinds of vegetables do you have?

A:We have fresh cabbages,potatoes,carrots,and onions.

Q:How do you ensure vegetables fresh?

A:Our own pickers go to the plantation to pick and process organic cabbage, and then immediately transport it to the cold storage for delivery.

Q:How soon will it be delivered since I place an order?

A:Usually in 5 days.

Q:Will the temperature of the freezer be out of control during transportation?

A:We have always used the most powerful shipping company for transportation, and all cold containers are strictly monitored throughout the entire shipment to ensure the freshness of vegetables.

Q:What kind of cabbage does your cabbage include?

A:We have round cabbage,OKINA cabbage,and Chinese cabbage.

Q:How big does your cabbage and potato?

A;Our cabbage is usually 1.5~3 kg each one,and our potato is usually 0.05~0.2 kg each one.You can choose big or small.

Q:If I have imported cabbage from multiple companies, and some of them have problems, how can I confirm whether it is from yours?

A:We have our own packaging to distinguish our products.

Q:How many tons of cabbages can your company offer each month?

A:Usually 1300 tons.

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